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Fireside, May 2006 Trade Paperback
256 Pages

In 1994, Bob Yoakum wrote an article for Modern Maturity (now the AARP magazine) describing restless legs syndrome, a little-known condition he’d suffered from his entire adult life. The magazine received 41,000 letters in reponse to that article. In most, restless legs sufferers said how glad they were to learn that they weren’t alone and their condition could be treated.

In this book, which is already in its third printing, Bob Yoakum provides invaluable information for victims, their friends and loved ones, and health-care providers who should know more about RLS but, possibly, don’t.

Restless Leg Syndrome Book Cover

and Readable."
- Bob Balkam

Bob Yoakum Bob Yoakum, considered one of America’s finest humor writers, has covered everything from religion to politics to sex in his internationally syndicated newspaper columns.

Bob’s first column was a joint byline with Art Buchwald called “Mostly About People,” which was published in the famed International Herald Tribune (Bob was the paper’s Paris city editor at the time). After a stint writing speeches for John Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson, he returned to newspaper writing and formed his own syndicate, Yoakum Features.

Bob, who is 84 now, is working on A Handbook for Candidates: Time-Tested Ploys for Bamboozling Voters (check his blog for excerpts as they become available). He hopes to have it ready in time to help presidential candidates in 2008.
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